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The MTC & Lloyds Bank

SME Support Service

Fuel the future of your business with fully funded apprenticeships and 6-months direct salary support for any new Level 3 apprentice.

Lloyds Bank and MC Apprenticeships have launched the new SME apprentice support programme, available to all engineering and manufacturing SME’s looking to recruit new Level 3 Apprentices as part of our September and November cohorts.

As part of this service, qualifying SMEs can benefit from:

  • No training costs over the 3 years of the apprenticeship
  • 6-months’ salary support for any new joiners
  • Advice and support from our full-service recruitment team to help you find your new apprentice

AND you can benefit from the Government’s brand-new bonus scheme and receive up to £3000* in funding.

This service is applicable for any apprentice trained at our state-of-the-art training centres located in Coventry and Oxfordshire.

Enquire today to find out about the support services that we currently have available and a member of our team will be in touch to help you recruit your next apprentice.

SME Salary Support Scheme

MTC Apprenticeships is looking to utilise some of our Lloyds sponsorship to support qualifying SME’s with the recruitment of their next apprentice.

To do this, we will de-risk the taking on of an apprentice by covering the salary of any new joiner for 6 months or up to a value of £4,250 during the first year of the programme.

Are we eligible?

To find out more about the qualifying criteria, click here or alternatively please enquire today and a member of the team will be in contact.

The Apprentice SME Support Service

The new turnkey solution for providing support and advice to SME’s will utilise sponsorship form Lloyd’s to:

  • Help SMEs understand the complexities of apprenticeship funding or Levy Transfer support
  • Find and recruit an apprentice
  • Provide a dedicated response service, both on the phone and online, to support SMEs.

To qualify for this service, you must be an SME as defined by the European commission. Therefore, you must have less than 250 people employed, an annual turnover of up to €50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than €43 million.

If you meet this criteria please enquire using the form above or email XXXX, or call XXXX.

Lloyds Bank Levy Transfer

The Lloyds Bank Levy Transfer fund was set up in 2019 by Lloyds Bank up to provide SMEs with the opportunity to access funding to cover the costs of the training of apprentices.

The Group has committed up to £3million per year up to 2021, 25% of its Apprenticeship Levy, to further support the UK economy to grow and through its partnership with the AMTC, small businesses in the local area can access funds that will help small businesses to develop their existing workforce as well as improving career opportunities for young people.

Are we eligible?

To find out more about the qualifying criteria, click here or alternatively please enquire today and a member of the team will be in contact.

Government Apprentice Bonus Scheme

As part of the SME Support Service, SMEs can also benefit from the Government’s brand new bonus scheme and receive up to £3000 in additional funding.

The new financial support measures, brought in as part of the Chancellor’s plans to aid the recovery of the UK economy as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, will support employer’s to create new jobs for young people, incentivise workforce growth and help prevent mass unemployment.

*The new Government scheme, available until January 2021, will provide employers with incentive payments of £2,000 for each new 16 – 24 year-old apprentice recruited and £1,500 for those taking on apprentices aged 25 and above.

This is in addition to existing £1,000 incentive that the Treasury already provides for new 16 – 18 years old apprentices.

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The MTC & Lloyds Bank

Training & Apprenticeship Support Service

Lloyds Bank has been actively working in partnership with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) as part of its commitment to supporting the UK manufacturing industry.

Established in 2015, the Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) based on Ansty Business Park, Coventry, is a state-of-the-art training centre designed to create a new generation of engineers and technicians to help the UK realise its potential in advanced manufacturing.

Now, we are coming together to provide you with access to MTC Training’s cutting edge training courses in emerging technologies as well as giving your customers access to the SME Apprentice Support Programme.

We are providing you with access to our industry leading training courses to raise awareness of new and disruptive technologies that are becoming more prominent such as Additive Manufacturing, Robotics and Digital Manufacturing.

We have also recently launched the new SME Apprentice Support Programme, available to all engineering and manufacturing SME’s looking to recruit new Level 3 apprentices as part of our September and November cohorts.

If you have any questions about the Support Service, please contact or call XXXX.

MTC apprentice applicants hits record high

Talented apprentices seeking Government-funded employer partners following record applications

MTC Apprenticeships has seen a surge in applications from prospective apprentices, with more than 700 young people looking to join the award-winning programme.

Now 135 successful candidates are in a talent pool ready to be snapped up by employers who can now take advantage of the recently-announced Government scheme to pay an additional, temporary, six-month bonus of up to £2,000 per learner for employers taking on new apprentices.

The apprentices have passed the MTC’s rigorous screening process and assessment centre. MTC Apprenticeships is looking for new employer partners who want to future proof their workforce by creating the next generation of engineers.

David Hughes MBE, managing director of the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre said that incorporating apprenticeships into a training and recruitment strategy offers great benefits to any business, with apprenticeships providing a cost effective way to attract enthusiastic, motivated, young talent, while helped by temporary Government funding.

Recent figures from the National Apprenticeship Service show that 75 per cent of employers believe that taking on apprentices has lowered their recruitment costs. Firms stand to benefit from increased employee retention and loyalty, as well as higher levels of staff performance, with 92 per cent of businesses who employ apprentices saying that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

Apprenticeships also help address the engineering skills shortage by providing learners with the skills and experience to help them add value to their organisation from the start of their careers. Apprentices on the MTC’s programme gain additional expertise compared to other learners through their exposure to the latest engineering technologies, crucial to the success of the manufacturing sector.

David Hughes said, “MTC apprentices are exactly what the industry needs to fill the high tech jobs of the future. Our programme produces apprentices capable of rapidly adding value to their employers, and several of our apprentices have gone on to win awards and accolades in recognition of their exceptional skills.”

For MTC employer partner, Coventry-based Arrowsmith Engineering, taking on apprentices is a crucial element of its growth strategy and essential to the business’s success.

Jason Aldridge, Managing Director at Arrowsmith, said, “Having young, bright people is so important and combining them with experienced staff becomes the life blood of any SME in the sector. Apprentices bring a youthfulness and when they come from a place such as the MTC, they do things the right way and, crucially, have views on how it could work in the future.”

He added, “As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to make some difficult decisions around our workforce, but we kept our MTC apprentices on board as a result of the value they have brought. They are a credit to themselves and our business.”

Firms can take advantage of a range of funds and financial incentives to support the employment of an apprentice. UK employers with a payroll of more than £3million can use their apprenticeship levy to cover training costs, while eligible smaller businesses can access a £1million fund created through an exclusive partnership between MTC Apprenticeships and Lloyds Bank.

Apprentices are also set to be instrumental in supporting Britain’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the country re-opens and adapts to the “new normal”, manufacturers need to ensure their workforces can meet demand and support their future growth. In recognition of this, and to encourage the creation of new jobs for young people, the Government has also recently announced an additional, temporary, six-month bonus of up to £2,000 per learner for employers taking on new apprentices. The Government funding is time limited so employers are urged to act now.

Companies interested in finding out more about the apprentice talent pool, funding opportunities or the apprenticeship bonus should contact

The AMTC opens its doors as lockdown measures ease

On Monday 29th June, the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) officially re-opened its doors for learners to resume practical sessions. Our apprentices have now spent a few weeks in the centre and are pleased to be back, following over three months of predominantly theory-based virtual learning.

The Covid-19 pandemic for MTC Apprenticeships, like all other businesses, was something we had never experienced before but our best-in-class delivery team, worked hard to support our learners throughout and continue their progression.

With many businesses across the sector struggling, the MTC also supported several of our apprentices with offers of employment after facing redundancy and the possibility of not being able to complete their apprenticeship as a direct result of the pandemic.

Now, after weeks of preparation in order to meet the guidance set out by the UK Government and Public Health England, apprentices returned to the centre at AMTC to continue the crucial, practical aspect of their learning.

For the safety of all learners and staff, social distancing is being enforced at all times across the site. Increased hygiene measures are also in place with multiple hand sanitiser stations as well as a clear one-way system around the building to, ensuring safety onsite whilst our apprentices complete the crucial elements of their apprenticeships.

On the re-opening of the training centre, Deputy Director – Delivery for MTC Apprenticeships, Adrian Leavitt commented: “I am so proud of the way our staff and learners have dealt with the lockdown. Our apprentices have maintained exceptionally high standards throughout and they, along with our training team, have proved that we can deliver outstanding results in the most challenging circumstances.

“However, the re-opening of the AMTC in the safest possible manner was a priority and it is a significant moment for our learners. It will allow them to complete the crucial practical elements of their qualification that make apprenticeships so attractive to employers across the sector.”