Recruit an apprentice

One of the biggest costs and challenges to a business’ apprenticeship program is finding and recruiting the best talent to fit their culture and skills needs. AMTC helps ease this burden by working directly with businesses to:

  • Offer support by advertising your vacancies on our apprentice vacancy database, used by apprentices to find apprentice positions to apply for, and through the National Apprentice Vacancy Matching Service, an online resource used in schools and careers offices across the UK. This system is not available to companies but as an approved training provider, we can post the vacancy on your behalf
  • Collect and screen applications, conduct selection testing and first-round interviews to determine an initial shortlist

The process

  1. Identify your vacancy and call the AMTC Apprenticeship Recruitment team on 02476 647 564 with the details.
  2. We source, screen and shortlist candidates for you to interview.
  3. AMTC will advertise your vacancy and identify the best candidates.
  4. Once you’ve selected the successful candidate, we enrol them onto the apprenticeship programme and they are supported throughout by our AMTC training team.

Our support

  • A tailored recruitment package to meet your requirements
  • A dedicated point of contact
  • Geographically and demographically targeted vacancy advertising
  • Assistance in organising the interview process
  • Ongoing support from the AMTC once you have recruited

How an apprentice will benefit my business

If you are facing a skills shortage or worried about your business productivity then an apprenticeship programme is an excellent investment. Businesses who take on apprentices benefit from:

  • A boost in productivity and profitability
  • A ready, skilled and loyal workforce
  • A cost-effective hiring and training solution

An apprentice also brings a great deal of value to their employer, including:

  • A loyal future employee, eager to learn, grow and help your business
  • Receiving the most up-to-date training, both in classroom learning and practical, hands-on skills
  • A ‘blank slate’ to be specifically trained in your company’s culture, processes and technologies
  • New talent to secure the future of your skills base