Further Information

During the national lockdown, the MTC training centres will continue all learner delivery remotely. When our centre reopens, following an easing of restrictions, we will operate at reduced capacity to minimise risk for learners and our colleagues.

For our first year apprentices, delivery will be remote to cover all theoretical units where possible. All practical delivery and assessments will be completed in our centres when safe to do so.

Our second and third year apprentices will continue working in industry, with the support of the workplace assessor, whilst completing their block training weeks remotely. In addition, our apprentices will use their E-portfolio system to continue assessment and progression with their assessors.

Level 4 HNC Learners will continue to be supported remotely.

All students are to continue with their timetable and attend all sessions, being punctual following the normal registration and attendance process. This process is followed for both in centre delivery and remote. All students continue to be monitored on performance and behaviours in line with the qualifications being followed. All students are issued risk assessments and COVID-19 safety information to adhere to.

As a practical apprenticeship provider, the standard requires all students to complete a practical competency qualification during Year 1. These elements will be paused until practical activity can commence in the centre. Apprentices in Years 2, 3, 4 and HNC learners will continue to work remotely and attend the centre when restrictions are eased.

We work closely with our employer partners to ensure all students have suitable devices and learning materials provided to support progression and online learning. No students are at a disadvantage due to remote learning and ongoing support is provided. Should a student require a device then we can make temporary loan arrangements this can be arranged through Matthew Bastock. For students requiring SEND support our dedicated trainer, Lenka Edwards, is available for individual student needs.