Manufacturing Support Services

Manufacturing Support Services

The MTC’s Manufacturing Support Services team works with manufacturers to help them embrace the latest technology and improve their productivity to maintain tomorrow’s growth

We recognise that businesses do not stand still in an ever-competitive environment. We offer a range of services to accelerate business performance with a dedicated team of experts.  Our experienced team can directly assist manufacturers to improve quality, cost and delivery performance.

Dedicated to supporting SMEs, we provide Innovate UK REACH match-funding for eligible businesses that work with us.

We offer a broad range of services to help businesses to become more productive and innovative. We are also supporting businesses to overcome the challenges they are facing as a result of COVID-19, helping them to:

  • Adopt digital tools to facilitate remote working and remain operationally functional
  • Assess and strengthen their supply chains to enable them to become more resilient
  • De-risk and accelerate the adoption of Automation & Robotics to become more competitive
  • Understand and implement Operational Improvement methods to increase productivity

We are also helping companies to prepare for the future through:

  • Technology Road-mapping
  • Digitalising manufacturing including SMART factories
If you are looking for support in adapting work flows and factory layouts in order to make your organisation COVID-19 compliant, please do not hesitate to register for one of our free line walks.  For qualifying SMEs, Innovate UK’s Reach Programme can provide 50% match funding for any further project activities to support this transition.

We also offer a complimentary “Line-walk/Operational Review” of your manufacturing facility, to find out more about this you can also complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.