A focus on: eLearning

A focus on: eLearning

June 21, 2018

eLearning courses are short, highly interactive training sessions delivered online. They are also self-paced, which means learners benefit from the opportunity to fit the study around other commitments and business needs.

At the MTC, we offer eLearning courses to cover a wide range of subject areas including Automation and Robotics, Additive and Digital Manufacturing.

Our new Learner Management System (LMS) will also advance our course delivery significantly with more interactive features, video content and visual aids to enhance learner engagement.

At a time and in an industry where the pace of change is quicker than ever, eLearning permits a faster pace of study than traditional face-to-face learning, so organisations can train larger numbers of people in less time. This is particularly important for study relating to emerging trends and new technological advances, which is an area that the MTC focuses on.

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Additive Manufacture: A Guide for Decision-Makers Part 1 provides an introduction to the seven Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes and their associated materials to support in decision-making about whether AM can be adopted by your business.

This eLearning module is aimed at business decision makers, engineering teams and anyone with an interest in learning more about Additive Manufacturing and is available to study for free.