MTC Training launches real time online courses

Manufacturing Technology Centre Training and the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing has launched “Online and Live” – a suite of interactive online courses delivered in real time.

The courses, using fully interactive digital platforms, are designed to upskill engineers in up-to-the-minute additive manufacturing skills, processes and best practice.

Led by senior engineers from the Coventry-based National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, the courses will deliver industry-leading additive manufacturing training remotely. The courses will be conducted live on schedules dates with a limited number of learners per trainer, allowing for meaningful interaction between the trainer and learners.

Subjects in the first suite of Online & Live include Advanced Introduction to Additive Manufacturing, Design for Metal Powder Bed Fusion, Laser Processing, Best Practice in Powder Management, and Reverse Engineering Parts for Additive Manufacturing.

David Hughes MBE, managing director of the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre said, “Our instructional design team and expert trainers have worked tirelessly to transform our industry-leading courses for digital delivery, ensuring we can continue to support the manufacturing sector’s future skills needs despite the current COVID-19 restrictions on training centres. The new Online & Live model gives our learners a truly interactive learning experience, maximising opportunities for engagement with the trainer alongside group discussions and individual and collaborative tasks throughout the course.”

Full details of each course programme are available at Online & Live where learners can view the schedule and subject matter for the day before signing up. To mark the launch of Online & Live courses are available at a reduced cost of £295 plus VAT per full day for a limited time.

David Hughes added, “MTC Training is revolutionising the skills landscape. Using their insight into the latest technologies, techniques and processes, experts deliver an extensive training offer at the cutting edge of industrial innovation, from apprenticeships right up to senior management level. As part of the MTC, NCAM aims to accelerate the uptake of additive manufacturing by developing the technology and systems to address the challenges of this rapidly growing technology which will have anticipated global sales of £20 billion by 2022.”

MTC Training to run training courses out of the new OAS Training Centre in Oxfordshire

MTC Training will now be offering a number of their training courses in emerging technologies out of the recently opened Oxfordshire Advanced Skills (OAS) Training Centre. The centre is based at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) Culham, one of the UK’s hi-tech hotspots.

The new centre is now another home to MTC Apprenticeships, providing industry leading engineering tuition, and is furnished with cutting-edge; industry grade equipment covering a wide range of engineering and technology disciplines. The centre includes an 827sq metre workshop and 17 individual training spaces enabling MTC Training to deliver world class training in a number of different technologies.

The initial training courses selected for delivery include a suite of Additive Manufacturing courses, namely Advanced Introduction to Additive Manufacturing and Best Practice in Process Selection, as well as a number of Automation and Robotics courses.

On the news, Martin Dury, Head of Future Skills said: “Hosting some of our courses out of such an innovative new training centre, enables us to spread our influence across one of the UK’s most technological and innovative areas”.

Businesses from across Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and surrounding areas will be able to benefit from these short courses to help them and their engineers stay ahead of the competition when it comes to emerging technologies and processes.”

To find out more about our upcoming courses at the OAS Training Centre, please visit or call 02476701554.

Industry Leading Training Now More Accessible Than Ever

MTC Training, providers of industry leading training in the high value manufacturing sector, have recently announced a pricing structure change for all eLearning courses to make them more accessible to inspire workforces across Great Britain.

eLearning courses provided by MTC Training provide highly interactive training with maximum flexibility. At a price of just £49.99 (+VAT) per Guided Learning Hour (GLH), learners can fit the learning around their busy schedules and the businesses needs as they are all self-paced.

MTC currently offer a range of online courses across 6 subject areas including A Guide for Engineers and Decision-Makers Part 1 and Part 2 whereby business leaders can make an informed decision as to whether to adopt Industrial 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) into their manufacturing processes.

For those looking to introduce automation and robotics, Implementing Automation & Robotics will help key decision makers realise why they need to remain competitive.

For businesses in the Digital Manufacturing space, Introduction to Digital Manufacturing will help attendees identify the barriers to implementation and how to mitigate them.

On the pricing change Martin Dury, Head of Future Skills, commented: “By changing our pricing structure, we are making our courses as accessible as possible to help us achieve our aim of encouraging and enabling UK industry to adopt these disruptive technologies.”

To find out more about these digital courses, click here.

New Practical Insight into Directed Energy Deposition course Receives CPD Certification following successful pilot

Following its recent pilot earlier this month, MTC Training is pleased to announce that its new Practical Insight into Directed Energy Deposition (DED) training course is now CPD certified. This means anyone who attends can formally log 21 hours of continual professional development to maintain any professional status.

The new, 3-day, face-to-face training course delivered by an expert engineering team from the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM) is aimed at providing engineers with practical experience of the end-to-end processes needed for Industrial 3D printing, enabling them to explain the DED process and recognise how it can benefit their organisation.

On the latest announcement, Martin Dury from MTC Training said: “Following the successful pilot and the excellent feedback we received, we are delighted that another of our courses has received CPD accreditation. This just reinforces the quality of the course design and our position at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing training in the UK. We are excited to add this course to a rapidly growing curriculum of 15 others, scheduled throughout the year from September onwards.”

Following the pilot, the course participants were highly complimentary of the course, its content and how it was delivered:

“The content covered was very relevant and the course was stepped through in a logical order. It was great to learn from many different experts across the MTC.”

“From someone that had very limited knowledge on the subject, I have now come out with a very good understanding of the processes. The content was excellently delivered and I would highly recommend the course.”

To find out more or book onto the next running of the course, please visit or contact the team on 02476 701774.

MTC Training launches new, free, online Digital Construction course

MTC Training recently launched its new, free online training course ‘Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) for Construction’ to help businesses introduce manufacturing principles into the construction industry.

Advances in Smart Construction and the requirements of the DfMA have placed a greater emphasis on the use of technology. To avoid industry being left unaware of this, leading industrial experts at the MTC have developed a course to help construction businesses understand the benefits, challenges, tools and techniques available in the very latest construction manufacturing processes.

Aimed at key business decision makers tasked with introducing DfMA into their businesses, the new, free, online training course will help participants understand the core concepts, appreciate design consideration for DfMA, and recognise its benefits and challenges, and how such challenges can be overcome for a successful adoption.

On the new course at the MTC and why businesses should be looking to implement DfMA, Ian Buckingham, Construction Skills Manager, said: “This new course is ideal for those organisations, large and small, looking to introduce DfMA for the first time. They will complete the course having learnt from our experts on why being able to improve competitiveness through modern methods of construction has never been more important and fundamentally reassessing how they do business.”

To find out more or book onto the course, visit or contact the team on 02476 701774.

An update from… Martin Dury, Head of Future Skills

2018 was an exciting year for MTC Training. The addition of more courses to our portfolio created an inevitable increase in engagement with our training, as the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies continues.

We welcomed delegates from across the UK and Europe, from areas including business, academia, aerospace and military research, and engagement with our courses looks set to continue to grow.

This success is a testament to our committed team who create highly engaging and educational courses which are not only relevant to the emerging skills requirements of today, but are also constantly evolving to meet the needs of the future.

In 2019 we are continuing to work with an increasing number of clients who understand that the return on their investment in new technologies can only be maximised by ensuring that their staff have the necessary skills to fully exploit these new technologies.

These include organisations of all sizes and sectors, and an increasing cross-section of staff, including those who need technical skills, and also those who simply need a broader understanding of the technology their business is adopting.

“Our courses are not only relevant to the emerging skills requirements of today, but are also constantly evolving to meet the needs of the future.”

Throughout the next year we will continue to increase our training course offering, adding additive manufacturing curricula, providing end-to-end qualification paths for upskilling engineers in this rapidly growing technology. These new courses are being created in response to identified skills needs through our competency framework approach.

We are also currently working with the CPD Certification Service to accredit both our existing and future courses. This will allow delegates to not only receive a certificate from MTC Training, but also a certificate which allows them to count their attendance towards a programme of continuous professional development, which to many is a valuable demonstration of commitment to furthering their skills, and often valuable in the renewal of professional memberships.

Lloyds Bank pledges £5 million extra funding for AMTC

Lloyds Bank will invest a further £5 million to fund its sponsorship of the industry leading Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC). The funding doubles the bank’s original commitment, bringing the total funding to £10 million over 10 years.

The extra funding will support around 3,500 apprentices, graduates and engineers by 2024, providing them with the right skills to be at the forefront of manufacturing in the future.

The funds will contribute to a 350% increase in the original target for training apprentices and support the AMTC’s commitment to addressing the skills shortage – one of the biggest challenges facing the manufacturing sector.

Established in 2015, the Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre is a state-of-the-art training centre designed to create a new generation of engineers and technicians, equipped with the advanced manufacturing skills of the future.

Lloyds Bank has been actively working with the MTC to promote the manufacturing sector and highlight the range of skills required. In addition, the bank actively supports clients in their drive to diversify their workforce to address the skills gap as part of its ‘Helping Britain Prosper Plan’.

Business Secretary Greg Clark welcomed the announcement: “The development of skills and apprenticeships, particularly in engineering, is crucial to the success of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

This training centre, with its focus on technical education in advanced manufacturing technologies, from apprenticeships through to technician and engineering up-skilling, helps manufacturers gain a competitive advantage, improve productivity and ensure high skilled well-paying jobs.”

“This training centre helps manufacturers gain a competitive advantage, improve productivity and ensure high skilled well-paying jobs.”
Greg Clark
Business Secretary

On Lloyds Bank’s commitment to manufacturing and its ongoing support of the AMTC, MTC Chief Executive, Dr Clive Hickman commented: “The training centre is developing vital skills which are seeding industry in the region and far beyond, bringing on the next generation of manufacturing engineers and technicians. During their time at the AMTC they work on real projects and gain invaluable skills needed by UK manufacturing industry.

“Since the AMTC was established, hundreds of apprentices and engineers have been trained and up-skilled, and are now working in the aerospace, automotive, defence, medical and process industries, filling vital roles.”

Antonio Horta-Osorio, Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group said: “Our extended sponsorship will see industry benefit from three and a half thousand apprentices, graduates and engineers being trained and developing new skills. This will help address the biggest challenge that manufacturers consistently tell us about – the shortage of skills.

“The apprentices and skilled engineers who emerge from these world class training facilities play a central role in helping to drive up the productivity of the nation. They will be part of broader efforts to rebalance our economy – a more dynamic, open economy that is backed up by long term investment in infrastructure, skills, science and the latest technology.”

Additive manufacturing continues to expand at The MTC

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) curriculum at the MTC continues to expand to support the growing industry requirements. As the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM), The MTC supports the effective exploitation of current and emerging AM processes by bridging the gap between market requirements and process reality.

MTC launched ten new courses in early 2019 with the significant advancement of the fastest growing metal forming technology, which is being delivered via a variety of methods including online learning, face-to-face and virtual classroom. The choice of delivery methods makes training courses at the MTC more accessible, providing greater flexibility to learners and increased opportunities for education and development in one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors.

New AM courses launching summer 2019

Online Learning

  • Best practice in AM process selection
  • Design rules for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
  • Design rules for Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion
  • Guidelines for Business Justification for AM Adoption

Face to Face

  • Best practice in AM process selection
  • A Full Practical Insight into AM – Directed Energy Deposition
  • A Full Practical Insight into AM – Powder Bed Fusion – Polymer
  • Best Practice for Business Justification for AM Adoption

Virtual Classroom

  • Design rules for Laser Powder Bed Fusion
  • Design rules for Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion

An update from… Steve Picker, Learning Development & Delivery Manager

The MTC commercial training offering continues to go from strength to strength with many exciting new developments over the past few months.

We have launched our new, fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS), allowing learners to log in and manage their learning once signed up to an MTC course. The system provides users with a birds-eye view of their learning, with the ability to track progress and learn (where relevant) at their own pace.

Our in-house team is also expanding and our expertise growing, with new instructional designers working with MTC subject matter experts to develop an increasingly diverse range of courses, as well as being able to create bespoke courses for clients.

Our in-house expertise stretches across the entire spectrum of course development, design and delivery. The process is thorough and truly end-to-end, so you know with any MTC course it has followed best practice guidelines from the leading experts in their respective fields from start to finish.

As part of our competency framework approach, we define the required skills, knowledge and behaviours for each given area, before designing the curriculum, training needs analysis and developing the course, again all in-house. We also pride ourselves on course delivery, with our MTC experts delivering our courses onsite or online using the latest technologies.

In pursuit of our mission to provide the Advanced Manufacturing skills needed for the technology of today and the future, we have also partnered with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) to collaboratively deliver a full range of metallurgy courses.

And lastly, MTC Apprenticeships will now provide a springboard to CPD opportunities available with MTC Training, following the recent expansion into Degree level qualifications. This means learners can continue their journey with MTC and build on their knowledge and skills in specialist areas post-Degree level.

A focus on: eLearning

eLearning courses are short, highly interactive training sessions delivered online. They are also self-paced, which means learners benefit from the opportunity to fit the study around other commitments and business needs.

At the MTC, we offer eLearning courses to cover a wide range of subject areas including Automation and Robotics, Additive and Digital Manufacturing.

Our new Learner Management System (LMS) will also advance our course delivery significantly with more interactive features, video content and visual aids to enhance learner engagement.

At a time and in an industry where the pace of change is quicker than ever, eLearning permits a faster pace of study than traditional face-to-face learning, so organisations can train larger numbers of people in less time. This is particularly important for study relating to emerging trends and new technological advances, which is an area that the MTC focuses on.

Try eLearning for free

Additive Manufacture: A Guide for Decision-Makers Part 1 provides an introduction to the seven Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes and their associated materials to support in decision-making about whether AM can be adopted by your business.

This eLearning module is aimed at business decision makers, engineering teams and anyone with an interest in learning more about Additive Manufacturing and is available to study for free.