Laser Processing

The overall aim of this course is to increase the awareness, amongst potential users, of laser materials processing technology, its capabilities, applications and limitations. The course will be a mixture of classroom lectures and hands-on practical experience using industrial laser systems.

Method: Face to Face

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £900+VAT

Location: Coventry

Is this course for you?

  • Do you need to understand laser materials technologies?
  • Do you want to safely operate lasers and their systems?
  • Do you need to understand which laser process configurations are the most widely used and apply appropriately?
  • Do you want to apply process failure modes and effects analysis to process configurations?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then this course is definitely for you.

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Lasers
  2. Laser Safety
  3. Laser Materials Processing
  4. Lab Demonstration

Day 2

  1. Metrology and Metallurgy for Laser Processing
  2. Laser Materials Processing
  3. Lab demonstration