Managing Recruitment


Are you responsible for managing teams, recruiting new staff members, or involved in planning for future human resource needs? This course will help you understand human resource planning, develop the knowledge and skill to manage recruitment, and show you how to plan and implement recruitment in line with legal and business requirements.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you involved in human resource planning for your team or organisation?
  • Do you recruit new staff members to your team?
  • Do you need to gain familiarity with the legal and procedural steps involved in recruiting new team members?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course may be for you.

Delivery Online learning

Duration 1 Hour
Cost £35+VAT
Level Introduction

Target Audience

Managers who are responsible for managing teams, recruiting new staff members, and who are involved in planning for future human resource needs.

Learning Objectives

Describe the importance of HR planning, including the areas of forecasting demand, succession planning, staff retention, reward systems and managing redundancies.

Explain the legal framework that governs recruitment.

Describe a best-practice approach to each step of the recruitment process – from analysing the job requirements to advertising the position.

Recognise how to analyse applications and conduct interviews, and how to select the most appropriate candidate.

Course Content

This course presents 5 interactive modules, which cover:

  • Overview of how the HR planning process applies to an organisation
  • The basic legal requirements relevant to the recruitment process
  • The organisational protocol that underpins a company’s recruitment and selection process
  • A guide to analysing, defining and advertising a position
  • Selecting an appropriate candidate