We’re building a ‘step on, step off’ pathway to support manufacturing workforces at career stage

It’s no secret that the UK’s skills gap is slowing the adoption of game-changing technology within the manufacturing and engineering sectors. MTC Training is working to change that by creating the next generation of advanced manufacturing talent through future skills programmes that offer exciting opportunities to learners at every level.

Forging partnerships with like-minded, industry-leading experts means we can offer an end-to-end solution across a huge range of specialisms. Together, we’re helping employers to create and upskill the manufacturing workforce of the future, today, as well as supporting individuals to future-proof their careers through the in-demand skills of tomorrow.

Our Partners

Like MTC Training, BPP is an innovative training provider with experienced trainers who possess practical industry expertise. Their strength lies in identifying and delivering relevant skills and training, and collaborating with clients and industry bodies.

They offer comprehensive training programmes in data science, data engineering and technical skills at different proficiency levels.

Our partnership with Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) provides access to a diverse range of virtual and online courses to enhance your business.

From Lean processes to Industry 4.0 concepts, IMR’s online training supports overcoming key challenges and empowering manufacturers to thrive in the global economy.

Our partnership courses



Delivery method



Introduction to Lean – IMR

Method: Online learning Level: Introduction Cost: €567 +VAT Duration: 7 Hours

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This course is an introduction to the methods of Lean and Six Sigma and the contribution they make to improving a process. These approaches to process improvement reduce waste, boost productivity, and increase overall profitability. Lean Six Sigma can be successfully implemented in organizations of every size and in all sectors of industry.

Innovation Through Robotics – IMR

Method: Online learning Level: Introduction Cost: €2000 +VAT Duration: 5 Days

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On successful completion of this CPD accredited, signature course, you will be able to identify and evaluate deployment opportunities for robotics and automation in your organization and identify where the greatest business impact can be achieved. Throughout this course you will be supported by IMRs expert instructors in putting together an innovation approach, specific to your business.

Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things – IMR

Method: Online learning Level: Introduction Cost: €567 +VAT Duration: 1 Day

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In this course, Mike Hibbett - a veteran of IIoT hardware design provides a broad, un-biased introductory overview of Industrial Internet of Things.

Machine Learning & Data Science – IMR

Method: Online learning Level: Introduction Cost: €567 +VAT Duration: 1 Day

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In this series of presentations, Dr Brian O'Halloran - a highly experienced data scientist - provides a broad and unbiased overview of the machine learning landscape, from the introductory building blocks to more state-of-the-art approaches, with an overall lean towards uses in the manufacturing domain.