Technological research and innovation are aiming to drive UK growth but this comes with a number of challenges, including how to access the skilled workforce they need to turn that innovation into productivity.

We know that we need to be proactive and stay ahead of the current pace of change to ensure the UK’s manufacturing industry has the workforce with the right skills, when and where they are required.

MTC Training Services team supports their customers to identify future needs and then develop effective organisational learning strategy to ensure that those needs are met. From role-based standards, comprehensive frameworks at organisational or role level, and the development and delivery of learning programmes for industry sectors, MTC Training Services is here to work with organisations of all sizes to help them develop the skills they need to thrive.


Our team will identify future workforce requirements, develop and deploy organisation-specific, regional and national solutions to ensure the UK’s manufacturing industry remains globally competitive.

Our learning and development experts provide key services that support our customers to identify their critical skills gaps, map the changes required and deliver both accredited and non-accredited, high-quality skills programmes and courses. These are tailored to effectively and efficiently fill those gaps through proven training methods.

National Skills Transformation

We liaise with multiple stakeholders to research regional skills gaps and identify new or evolving roles of strategic importance in the high-value manufacturing sector.

Using our unique insight into emerging technologies, our skills advisors work with manufacturing research and development scientists and engineers to identify and quantify what the skills landscape will look like in the future and what needs to be done to ensure a specific sector or region can thrive in face of significant policy change or technology evolution.

Our team will identify future workforce requirements, developing and deploying a national solution at scale to ensure the UK’s manufacturing industry remains globally competitive.

Industrial Workforce Development

We know that a company’s ability to compete in the global market is not just determined by the equipment and technology they invest in. Ensuring people in your business have the skills and capabilities needed to successfully maximise the latest innovations and new ways of working offered by that technology is also crucial.

At MTC Training, we have a dedicated and experienced team of Instructional Designers that work with subject matter experts to help them transfer their knowledge. We use a range of learning design techniques based on a variety of learning methodologies to meet the learning goals, aims and objectives.

Our experience allows us to offer multiple learning methods, ranging from classroom events through to digital content such as live online sessions, self-study e-learning, animation, videos and podcasts.

Our Services



Taking the relevant Apprenticeship Standards, End Point Assessment Criteria and working alongside Subject Matter Experts, we turn content into interactive, engaging sessions that balance both theory and hands-on, practical skills.

E-learning/Digital Content

The key to building engaging content is to balance the learning design along with the visual design. By breaking the content down into targeted, bite-sized chunks we incorporate a mix of media to bring the content to life.

Skills Development Programmes

The workshops we design will quickly upskill learners with the practical tools which they can apply back in their workplace. Bootcamps are delivered through a combination of face-to-face training, virtual classrooms, self-study and online learning.

Train the trainer

This programme will provide the skills to deliver to both small groups and on a one-to-one basis. We support Subject Matter Experts in transferring their skills and knowledge into structured, participative and memorable courses.

Live Online Sessions

It’s important to hold the learner’s attention and keep them thinking in virtual classrooms. We design effective online sessions which include a variety of learning techniques to engage the audience.

All of our services map to the nationally recognised Skills Value Chain

Case study

Discover how the MTC followed the skills value chain to help build a national curricula of short courses and an accredited apprenticeship program, to tackle the UK skills gap. Download our case study.

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